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Reverse Mentoring for effective organizations

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Retaining Talent
Reverse mentoring demonstrates your company’s commitment to advocating the value of unique experiences

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Building leaders
Reverse mentoring increases the ability of leaders to co-create a thriving workplace that fosters diverse talent

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Promoting diversity
Reverse mentoring exhibits a clear equity, diversity and inclusion vision that aligns with core business strategies

Reverse Mentoring Works
When employee engagement wavers, it leads to challenges in the retention of top talent, disrupting  the organization’s ability to deliver a high standard of service. Our Reverse Mentoring process is designed to facilitate and encourage engagement of LGBTQIA+ employees, thereby supporting retention that enriches a more diverse talent pipeline.

Stretch yourself to grow.....

As the Valency tagline advocates, Reverse Mentoring stretches your business and business culture by offering your people opportunities to grow in a way that invites them to 1) feel encouraged to make the most of their unique backgrounds and experiences, and 2) offers education around how they can view their thinking through a stronger lens and improve their abilities to work collaboratively with a more measurable and meaningful ruler.
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Stretch Yourself To Grow

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